Why Sardinia

The beaches, the climate, the environment along with culture and traditions, make Sardinia as a unique island in the world. Sardinia offers some of the most attractive Mediterranean beaches and a magnificent and impressive landscape in its granite interior, excellent seafood and an ancient nuragic culture. Sardinia is like a continent, but in miniature, shaped by its own language and traditions, its culture and history.
The island gastronomy distinguishes itself for the varieties of pasta and bread, and the assortments of wines and cheese. The mild climate during most of the year allows you to enjoy your events and outdoor activities. Sardinia is one of Europe’s last great island for adventures: hike through the lush, silent interior to the magical nuragic ruins and walk the vertiginous coastal path to the crescent-shaped bays. The sea is irresistible to windsurfers and divers from the north to the south coasts. Sardinia has an ancient nuragic culture and several Carthaginian and Roman ruins, Pisan churches and Spanish Baroque architecture. It actually hosts 7000 nuraghi, Bronze Age towers and settlements; tombe dei giganti (giants’ tombs), and domus de janas (fairy houses) and a rich variety of museums and permanent exhibitions. Many cultural religious events are experienced on the island all year long.


Main airports Website
Aeroporto Mario Mameli Cagliari-Elmas www.sogaer.it
Aeroporto Olbia-Costa Smeralda www.geasar.com
Aeroporto Alghero-Fertilia www.algheroairport.com


Main flight times
Rome 1h.
Milan 1h. 15 min
Naples 1h. 30 min
Turin 1h 15 min.
Verona 1h 15 min.
Bologna 1h 15 min.
Pisa 1h 15 min.
Bari 1h 15 min.
Marseilles 1h 30 min.
Munich 2h.
Berlin 2h. 30 min.
Frankfurt 2h.
Madrid 2h. 30 min
Barcellon 1h 30 min.
London 2h. 30 min.
Bruxelles 2h 30 min.
Moscow 3h.
Stockholm 2h 30 min.


Port Website
Cagliari Port www.porto.cagliari.it
Porto Torres Port www.olbiagolfoaranci.it
Olbia Port www.olbiagolfoaranci.it
Golfo Aranci Port www.olbiagolfoaranci.it